Sicilian screwdriver

Consuming alcoholic beverages is often part of events classified as “Party”. We provide you with all you need to know to partake in this activity by creating a drink called “Sicilian Screwdriver”.


Sicilian screwdrivers are a popular and easy to assemble cocktail, consisting primarily of blood orange juice and vodka.



Warning: extensive consumption of alcohol may reduce your mental and physical capacity and your ability to behave like a decent human being.


A sicilian screwdriver consists mainly of blood orange juice. While the freshly squeezed variety is preferred, due to financial and logistic constraints a pre-squeezed and bottled juice is used commonly. The alcoholic component is vodka. While no particular brand is endorsed, we recommend vodka from closed, labeled and sealed bottles and purchased at a shop over vodka sourced from dark basements, vendors in the park and anything that comes in unlabeled plastic bottles. The alcohol content in and health risk caused by these liquids can vary. Garnishes used vary, the most common choices are a slice of blood orange or two to five ice cubes. Other garnish options depend on personal preferences and the setting of the event and include, but are not limited to: mint leaves, tiny umbrellas, a slice of lemon, a reusable straw or an actual screwdriver.


A sicilian screwdriver is traditionally served in a highball glass. Depending on resource availability, other containers are permitted as well. For measuring the vodka, a measuring cup or spoon holding 4cl of liquid is used. We strongly recommend this to avoid overdosing. Further, a ruler or measuring tape will come in handy.


To assemble a screwdriver, the following steps are to be followed closely; Gather all ingredients and tools Use the measuring device to measure 4cl of vodka Pour the vodka in the glass Fill up the glass will blood orange juice until it is filled to 3cm below the rim. Control this with a measuring device of your choice Apply your preferred garnishes


We strongly advertise to consume the sicilian screwdriver at social gatherings or in the presence of friends. To fully enjoy the beverage, hold the glass in your hand and take a purposeful sip every 1.5min. Doing so gives you enough time to walk around the room, consume a snack, say hello to a stranger or have a conversation with someone.