Fans and fan heaters

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This page will cover fans of all types and fan heaters.


Fans come in a variety of forms from desk fans, floor-standing fans and ceiling fans. Fan heaters are similar, just having an electrical heating element in the air flow.


As with all mains electrical devices, dangerous voltages may be exposed when opened.

Main section

Most small fan heaters will have a thermal fuse. This is a self-destructive fuse, usually on the other side of the heating element or elements. These fuses will go open circuit once a certain temperature threshold is reached, preventing fires when heaters are inadvertently covered with clothes etc.

These fuses shouldn't be soldered, as the temperature will cause them to go open circuit! Instead, most are riveted into the circuit. To replace, cut the axial leads of the blown fuse, then work the leads out from under the rivets. On the replacement fuse, bend the leads under the rivets using a small screwdriver and trim any excess. Make sure the replacement fuse is the correct temperature and current rating as the factory original.